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Writing Prompt

By @EsteeKessler |

Assignment: Prompt Beginning writers often face something their professors call a “writing prompt”. This kind of prompt is not a time measurement nor a description of how quickly an athlete completes her race. A writing prompt is a phrase or short sentence designed to encourage serious thought resulting in a w...

Haw Kola

By @EsteeKessler |

How many times did you roll your eyes when your mom or dad said, “What goes around comes around?” … until it did? Haw Kola, a Lakota Fall is a story of 1860 Minnesota. The book deals with hot button topics they faced then which still are facing us in the twenty-first century. Related from a t...

Blue Talon

By @EsteeKessler |

I've been lazy for a while - with only one manuscript in progress and one waiting for final editing. Blue Talon is the first to break from the pack This book differs and is the same as my Jakup trilogy. Jakup was all tongue-in-cheek fantasy. Blue Talon is my first true book-length book, still fantasy, but of the epic...

Voyage of a Lifetime 40—Madrid, Spain

By @EsteeKessler |

Our final port of call as tourists was Cadiz, the primary port city en route to our scheduled tour of Seville. Cadiz today is somewhat shopworn, but in its heyday was wealthier than London. With verifiable archeological evidence to show Cadiz the oldest continuously inhabited city in Western Europe. Settled by the P...

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