Blue Talon

By: @EsteeKessler |

I've been lazy for a while - with only one manuscript in progress and one waiting for final editing. Blue Talon is the first to break from the pack 

This book differs and is the same as my Jakup trilogy. Jakup was all tongue-in-cheek fantasy. Blue Talon is my first true book-length book, still fantasy, but of the epic variety. The reader follows Sergei, a boy from Imperial Russia who is murdered by the Cossacks but does not die. He is pursued evil deeds through four centuries ... and is pursued by the same forces. As a result of his not conforming to being murdered and dying, a blue light appears and haunts him and leads him to dangerous encounters.

Later, he marries, lives too long for his wife and must leave, lest she be accused of witchcraft.  Some members of his successive families suffer the same fate. Others are lucky, live normal lives, and depart on schedule.