Haw Kola

By: @EsteeKessler |

How many times did you roll your eyes when your mom or dad said,

“What goes around comes around?” …  until it did?

Haw Kola, a Lakota Fall is a story of 1860 Minnesota. The book deals with hot button topics they faced then which still are facing us in the twenty-first century. Related from a teenager’s viewpoint, the story describes the experience of one family of Minnesota settlers who became friends with a nearby Lakota village. The book touches on racial prejudice, minority profiling, bullying, victimization, and the special friendship between teens living in different cultures. When the greed of the local Indian agent who decides to line his pockets instead of providing the food and provisions promised in the treaty causes an uprising, the local Lakota chief comes to the family farm to warn them they needed to go to the white man’s fort.

Haw Kola, a Sioux greeting for “Hello, my friend,” is a morality tale for Middle and High School age readers illustrates difficult concepts in an age appropriate fashion.  Karma in pioneer days.